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Ultimate Training Package The ultimate training course in the Guildford, Godalming, Haslemere, Petworth, Farnborough, Farnham, Woking and Chertsey areas.

ADI 14


The Ultimate Training course has been constantly tweaked and tested since 2009 and is specifically designed to suit YOUR requirements not ours. You have the added advantage through us to ensure as soon as you qualify, you will have pupils to teach should you choose to join our driving school team!

Many of our competitors assemble their courses to maximise their return and often squeeze two trainees to a single training vehicle and then hope their trainer can cope with both at once. (Just one of the hidden costs of cheap training)

Just think about that for a second!

You will be dividing your valuable training time by half.

We only offer a personal 1-1 service throughout the course and we will be with you every step of the way from your first assessment drive right through to the day when you qualify.

You will receive help and assistance at every step of the qualifying process and we will remain on hand with career guidance, business advice and personal development once you have become a fully qualified driving instructor.

Our ADI training courses are part time and follow a highly successful training structure. There is plenty of flexibility built in so that training can be arranged around your current commitments; this way you can work at your own pace. If on the other hand you  want to accelerate your progress, we can scale up the training so you qualify in a shorter period of time.

Driving instructor training is most effective when carried out at regular intervals for short periods of time (2 -4 hours). This keeps you in frequent contact with your personal trainer, constantly motivated and allows adequate time for your important home study between training sessions.

In order to maximise your time and accelerate your learning, ALL training is carried out on a 1:1 basis and you will be working with us exclusively.

(It’s for this reason we can only accept 6 trainees in the program at any one time)

Our strategy has always been to offer quality for a few rather than conveyor belt training for many.

Part 1 - Theory

Demonstrate you know the theory of driving and teaching in a car

Part 2 - Driving Ability

Demonstrate you can drive to a very good standard.

Part 3 - Ability to Teach

Prove that you can teach it to someone else

Theory test

Part 1 Training

You will be supplied with all the DVSA recommended study books (8 in total), plus a hazard perception DVD and most importantly the superb part 1 home study guide.
The guide will give you a very logical and structured approach to assist with your learning;

The real power behind the home study guide is that it will explain which chapters of which books to read at any particular point. (This has proved to be extremely successful as you don’t need to read every single word of every book) it will then offer you the relevant ‘test’ so you can assess what you have learnt.

There are thirty tests in total and the Part One Study Guide will ‘extract’ ALL the information you require, not just to pass the exam 1st time but more importantly give you the sound knowledge required for the rest of the course.

The lowest score (Part One Exam) achieved in over six years using this resource has been 92%.

The information learnt during this phase of your training will be INVALUABLE and assist you to progress smoothly through the rest of the course.

There will be three 2 hour practical sessions interspersed with your home study; this will give your trainer the chance to keep in contact with you and to monitor your progress, but more importantly this will bring the theory material to life.

The test itself is not difficult once you understand what is required.

Part 2.

Part 2.
The test of your driving ability.

Now that you have been practicing the points raised on your initial driving assessment you should be well on your way to driving the DVSA way. You will have 12 hours of practical in car training to assess and continually improve your driving standard.

You will be supplied with a part 2 driving manual which gives excellent advice on what the examiner will be looking for during the Part two exam and also record sheets in order that you can keep track of your private practice in between sessions with your trainer.
Many training providers will give you the impression that the test of driving ability is a glorified learner test, I can assure you that this is not the case and your drive will need to be of a very high standard (statistics show that the 1st time pass rate for the part 2 exam was 48%)

The training vehicle will be available for your use during the exam and if you wish your trainer will accompany you on the day to insure that all runs smoothly and to clear up any last minute concerns that you may have.


Very few training companies make the training vehicle available for the exam and if you have to use your own vehicle, it’s crucial to inform your insurance company as cover for driving tests is not included and additional cover will need to be purchased.

Not all insurance companies will agree to this cover and you would then need to hire a vehicle to conduct the test.

It is essential that you do not cut corners with your preparation for part 2.

Summary of part 2.

Preparing for the test of driving ability is far more reaching than just passing a test; the examiner will only have a 60-minute snap shot of your driving and it is possible to sneak through. Once passed you will be expected to drive to a very high standard at all times (especially in a driving school car, when you never know who may be watching you).
Once passed, you will be in the top 1% of drivers in the U.K.

ADI 14

Part 3 Training

Part 3.

If you have reached this stage without the proper preparation you are going to be in for a sharp shock as this is where we start to utilise what has been learnt so far.

You will now be able to recall the practice of parts 1 & 2 to accelerate your learning during this final stage. As with learning to drive, infinitely the best way of gathering and developing instructor skills is by taking regular one- to- one sessions at a time and pace that you feel comfortable with.

This allows for short, intensive bursts of activity followed by periods of reflection in order to absorb the training and to carry out private practice.

The Part 3 course consists of 50 hours of tuition in a very structured manner;

You will receive a part 3 instructing manual with invaluable information to guide you to success. In the manual you will record your progress to continually recap on strengths and weaknesses. You will also receive a briefing CD, visual aid folder to help with presenting lesson plans.

Your instructing manual will contain the 40-hour syllabus laid out in such a manner that you can see clearly what lessons will be covered and when they will be performed.

Crucially, there will be an additional 10 hours to recap any weak areas. Most training companies will provide ONLY the basic 40 hours with no chance to recap before the final exam.

BEWARE, the pass rate is only 25%.


Training Summary

There is no substitute for quality training and there are far too many people parting with over £4000 and then not receiving the thorough preparation that they deserve. The problem for the majority of those starting on an ADI career is that they will not know the difference between good and poor quality training. Add to this the fact that some major training providers have a relaxed view on their high dropout rate during part 3 level (if you drop out you will probably lose your money) and it’s another reason why pass rates are low. Most major training providers will operate two or even three to one in car training, the best way to learn is to carry out the tasks yourself rather than observe someone else. (just work out what a training company can make with three clients to one car / trainer) 

TRUE LIFE ACCOUNT - Andrew (Approved driving instructor)

Avoid the painful mistakes I made!

“I trained with one of the biggest instructor training colleges assuming because they were big they would be good. How wrong was that assumption!!

I had no less then six different instructors during my course so there was no continuity. I had to share my instruction time with another person who was on a different level as he had strated his instruction later and sometimes another person too so that was THREE of us sharing our time with ONE Instructor trainer. I had paid over £3,000 for training that was of little benefit to me and having "completed" my Part Three training, I just knew I wouldn't stand a chance of passing.

By sheer good fortune I bumped into a driving instructor who asked if I had a good Part Three Instructor to which I replied I hadn't. So he gave me his contact who had helped him through when he like me, had exactly the same experience!

I met "Kevin" who was fantastic and sorted everything out and I qualified".

 Andrew  (Approved driving instructor)

Read all about life as an Instructor

Embarking on any new career requires careful thought and research.

You will undoubtedly have many questions and quite rightly so. You are most welcome to call the office on 03333 234 605 and ask me to call you back.

I would be delighted to meet with you and I can then explain how we run the course; what is involved and importantly the costs of training which I will give you in detail and in a transparent way. I would also explain once you become qualified and wished to join our highly successful driving school, how you would fit into the team.

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